2023 Hampton Designer Showhouse

Since 2001, The Hampton Designer Showhouse has been a showcase for some of America’s premier design talent producing stunning, original, and intriguing designs. Sitting on two secluded acres, this year’s showhouse was a custom home designed and built in a modern farmhouse style by Cavallo Builders. 20 A-list interior designers transformed 30 spaces in this light-filled 9,000-square-foot home.

Once again this year, the proceeds from this showhouse benefit Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, helping to provide exceptional healthcare and services to their East End community.

We were pleased to be included in this beautiful project and to support such a great cause!

Shannon Willey Portrait

Primary Bedroom & Sun Deck Designer: Shannon Willey | Sea Green Designs

Windowcovering: Old Style Roman Shade in LEJP26-33 Windsor - Slate, from the J. Randall Powers Collection of Woven-to-Size Grassweave Windowcoverings. 

Embracing a coastal blue palette, Designer and Founder of Sea Green Designs Shannon Willey told AD Pro, “The motivating idea behind the room was to create a space for rest and rejuvenation while using as many furnishings and accessories that were as sustainable as possible”.

Primary Bedroom, 2023 Hampton Designer Showhouse

Photos by Michele Scotto Trani

The 2023 Hampton Designer Showhouse was sponsored by HC&G (Hamptons Cottages & Gardens).


For 25 years, Hartmann&Forbes has delighted the design community by handcrafting the industry’s most diverse collection of natural window and wall coverings. Exclusively using sustainable natural fibers and weaving by hand to our clients’ size specifications, delivering a truly bespoke product in seamless widths up to 180." We are proud to continue to share this age-old tradition and look forward to continuing to be a valuable resource, helping designers create a sense of sanctuary rooted in natural design. 

A heartfelt thank you for your indispensable support on this journey!

A Journey Rooted in NatureA Journey Rooted in Nature

From the very beginning, our mission has been to bring the essence of nature indoors. Our artisans meticulously handcraft each piece, weaving natural fibers such as bamboo, jute, and grasses into exquisite window coverings that capture the innate beauty of the environment. This celebration of textures, organic forms, and imperfections has become our signature style, infusing spaces with a sense of authenticity and sanctuary that resonates with designers and their clients alike.

Craftsmanship That Transcends TimeCraftsmanship That Transcends Time

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most creative minds in the industry, transforming simple weaves into extraordinary works of art. Our heart and soul poured into each creation are a tribute to the age-old traditions of craftsmanship that have stood the test of time. 

Sustainability: A Guiding StarSustainability: A Guiding Star

At Hartmann&Forbes, we recognize the importance of responsible design and production. Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every fiber of our being. From responsibly sourced and harvested materials to eco-conscious manufacturing processes, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment while creating pieces that enrich lives and spaces. As we look ahead, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sustainable luxury and inspiring others to make ethical design choices.

A Glimpse into the FutureA Glimpse into the Future

As we mark this milestone, we also look to the future with excitement and anticipation. Our journey has been one of continuous evolution, and the next 25 years promise to be no different. With a keen eye on design trends and a heart rooted in tradition, we will continue to redefine interior spaces, embracing innovation while staying true to our commitment to natural beauty and hand-craftsmanship.


Introducing Medlar & Elderberry, two new colors in the Armenia Series from the Tailored-to-Size Papyrusweave Collection. Pre-woven and in stock, the Tailored-to-Size Collections feature shorter lead times. Our convenient, pre-woven approach has the natural fibers woven into roll goods which are inventoried in the Hartmann&Forbes finishing facility where artisans tailor every weave to precise requirements and hand-finish the edges. With 14 series to choose from in the Grassweave and Papyrusweave Collections, Tailored-to-Size has a design for every project.

Tailored-to-size Papyrusweave



TTriggsShowcase CS-230422_0001_web.jpg

Tineke Triggs is known for creating soulful, artistic, and imaginative interiors. By mastering both the art and science of design, her work gives rise to a unique form of design mixology. Her elevated interiors not only provoke the senses but deliver on the details that create truly memorable spaces.
A veteran of six San Francisco Decorator Showcases, her award-winning work has been featured in numerous publications. 

2023’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase house was built in 1927 by renowned architects Hyman and Appleton. Located in the scenic Sea Cliff neighborhood with stunning views of the San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate Bridge, and the Marin Headlands, the home is a magnificent example of 18th-century Mediterranean Spanish architecture. 

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 2.21.52 PM.png

Triggs transformed the Primary Suite in the 6,100 s.f. home

Since 1977, the San Francisco Decorator Showcase has raised over $17 million to benefit the San Francisco University High School financial aid program. These proceeds have afforded hundreds of deserving and talented Bay Area students access to a world-class college preparatory education.


TTriggsShowcase CS-230422_0004_web.jpg
TTriggsShowcase CS-230422_0023_web.jpg

H&F: The 2023 Decorator Showcase opened in late April with rave reviews of your Primary Bedroom and Bathroom designs. Tell us more about the themes you chose for each of these spaces.
TT: The Primary Bedroom, “A Rare Gem,” pays tribute to humanity's long-standing love affair with gemstones and their ability to evoke beauty, wonder, and elegance. For millennia, humans have been drawn to the allure of gemstones, adorning themselves and their surroundings with these vibrant, colorful treasures. Taking inspiration from the extraordinary hues, life, and energy that gemstones possess, I created a sanctuary reminiscent of a luxurious jewelry box.
In contrast, the Primary Bath and Dressing room present a darker and moodier theme and are the bedroom’s sultry counterpart. “Curve Appeal,” the primary bath is designed as a personal retreat for two, bringing strength, order, and grace to the space.


H&F: Both of these rooms turned out stunning! There are so many design “moments” from the floors to the ceilings and everywhere in between. It’s clear that you put a lot of time and energy into this project. As an established, successful designer and veteran of six San Francisco Designer Showcases, what keeps pulling you back into the Showcase year after year? What is your return on investment for participating?
TT: Participating in showhouses offers several benefits for designers. It provides a creatively challenging environment that pushes designers to think outside the box and explore new ideas. Showhouses offer great exposure and visibility, allowing designers to showcase their talent to a wide audience, including potential clients and industry professionals. It also facilitates networking opportunities, enabling designers to meet and bond with other amazing designers, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

H&F: Speaking of collaboration, you worked closely with Susan Lind Chastain, one of your favorite drapery workrooms, on the design of the window treatments at the showcase house. Is partnering with a workroom something you do as a standard practice in your firm’s projects?
TT: In San Francisco, you’ll find a plethora of old buildings boasting exquisite moldings and intricate details. However, when it comes to window coverings, things aren’t always straightforward. Working with a trusted workroom not only ensures the delivery of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, which is essential for achieving a polished and professional finish, but my workrooms also provide crucial problem-solving capabilities.  Effective collaboration with skilled workrooms and installers allows me and my team to navigate smoothly through any challenges that may arise during the design phase and/or with the installation of the window treatments.

H&F: Were there any challenges you and your workroom had to overcome with the window treatments at this year’s Showcase house?
TT: To create a more cohesive visual effect and conceal architectural inconsistencies within the room, the smaller windows were fitted with outside/wall-mounted shades positioned at the same height as the larger shades adorning the doors. This clever optical illusion creates the impression of larger windows, seamlessly harmonizing the overall appearance.

TTriggsShowcase CS-230422_0003_web.jpg

H&F: And you installed the same full-length draperies over the shades at those smaller windows, too, which further adds to the balancing effect. On that note, there seems to be a current design trend toward using more layers at the window.  Is this something you are incorporating into your clients’ projects as well?
TT: Yes, incorporating layered window dressings, such as drapery and shades, is a common practice in my work. From a practical standpoint, it allows for versatility in managing sunlight and privacy. Sheer fabrics can filter sunlight while protecting furniture, and blackout options can provide complete privacy when desired. From a design perspective, layering different window treatments adds a sense of depth and sophistication to the overall look of a space. It's akin to wearing a dress shirt with a tie and jacket, enhancing the finished and completed appearance of the room.


H&F: As a window covering manufacturer, we are big fans of the layering trend.  In this year’s showcase house, you used Hartmann&Forbes handwoven natural shades as the sheer layer in the windows. Tell us more about the weaves you selected and what drew you to specify these particular materials for the bedroom and bathroom shades.
TT: For the bedroom shades, we chose LE5209 Ethereal-Gleam. It’s made from banana fiber that has a natural luster that “glows” when sunlight hits it. The warm golden tones create a harmonious synergy between the concept of Rare Gems and the use of precious metals. The resulting ambiance is one of elegance and luxury, where the golden accents highlight the room’s unique features, much like a gem set in a precious metal setting. The weave texture is also very sheer and refined so that you can still see the magnificent view when the shade is down.


For the bathroom shades, we chose LEEV52-87 Dockside-Jetty from the newly launched Erinn V. Collection. The texture of this particular weave serves a dual purpose in the bathroom. Not only does it add visual interest and depth to the space, but its heavier composition also enhances privacy from the neighboring house. The intricate weave ensures that the bedroom remains a private sanctuary, allowing the residents to enjoy a sense of seclusion and tranquility.

H&F: We were grateful for the opportunity to partner with you again on this year’s Showcase, and we couldn’t be happier with the final result. In closing, we’d love to know what you like best about using our natural handwoven window coverings in your projects.
TT: Your shades introduce a captivating texture and bring a natural element into the room, enhancing its visual appeal and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Your use of sustainable materials aligns with my firm’s and my clients’ growing focus on eco-friendly design practices, contributing to a more environmentally conscious approach. Also, your natural woven shades are typically lightweight, making them easy to install and operate while adding an understated elegance to the overall room design.

TTriggsShowcase CS-230422_0017_web.jpg


Design Mixology: The Interiors of Tineke Triggs
By Chase Reynolds Ewald, Heather Sandy Hebert

Imaginative interiors with character and soul from award-winning San Francisco-based designer Tineke Triggs. This book includes an eclectic mix of projects from ski houses in Lake Tahoe and beachfront getaways in Northern and Central California to reimagined period Victorians to modern homes in Marin County and Silicon Valley.


We have discontinued PW89e Everest from our Tailored-to-Size Papyrusweave Collection. Effective immediately, this weave is no longer available. Please remove and recycle this memo from your designer sample kit and/or library. As an alternative weave, consider PW94w Cotton, PW10w Pearl Silk, or PW158-03 Blanched.


DISCONTINUED: PW89e Himalaya – Everest


Sano is an aquatic, flowering plant native to the wetlands of southern Asia. To harvest it, workers paddle small boats into marshes and rice paddies, where it grows up to six feet tall and has roots that extend deep into the water. They wash the long stalks, trim the ends, and lay it out to dry for several days. Later, they remove the bark from the soft, woody stem to reveal its milky-white, spongy interior, which is cut into layers and transformed by skilled craftsmen into textiles and objects of art and utility.

Eco-friendly, durable, and renewable, sano wallcovering is crafted entirely by hand and features the look and feel of cork. Hartmann&Forbes has introduced sano to its collections with the new Aleutian wallcovering series. 

Discover Aleutian Natural Wallcovering


In the green state of Oregon, known for its commitment to sustainability, we are so proud to be named one of the top green companies. Recognized for the 11th consecutive year and in the Top 10 for the third year as one of Oregon Business Magazine’s “100 Best Green Workplaces” we have also earned a spot in the Hall of Fame. Passionately committed to leading the revolution in sustainable design, it’s with thoughtful consideration that we continually seek ways to minimize our impact throughout our harvesting, weaving, and finishing processes, as well as continuing to drive change within our industry.

Each Hartmann&Forbes handwoven product begins as a seed. Plants are cared for in well-managed ecosystems until harvested. Careful examination of fibers, and weaving near the source, ensures authentic craftsmanship, leaving a smaller environmental footprint. 

We would like to extend our congratulations to all the companies in Oregon who have achieved this remarkable recognition. Together, we are making significant strides toward a more sustainable future.


MONDAY MAY 22, 2023

Continuing to draw on nature’s gifts with mastery, imagination, and the utmost respect, the H&F Studio design team has introduced 30 new arrivals for Spring/Summer 2023.

Gaining insight from the past to carry tradition forward, the Grassweave Origins Collection of classic evenly-spaced warp designs, handwoven to size of exotic fibers, delivers beautiful light-play as sun rays gently filter through the open grass weaves. We are delighted to add two new designs, Heirloom and Genesis, to this quintessential collection this spring. 

The Studio Concepts Collection was founded by artistic curiosity and aimed at presenting a grouping of individual, limited-edition designs of exotic fibers that, over time, may evolve and reside inside a broader collection. This season we added two new designs to this collection – Creel and Plait. Both are woven on our jacquard handloom incorporating a complex layering of textural materials yielding rich, organic beauty.

The Bargello series, offered in four colorways, is a new introduction to our Ertheweave® Collection of relaxed and earthy linens. An exquisite collection that masterfully blends artistry, luxury, and style with environmental sensitivity. Woven of natural flax fibers in historic weaving workshops, bearing the Masters of Linen mark, authenticating excellence and 100% European traceability at each stage of processing.

Additionally, we’ve added new designs in warm natural hues to our Woven-to-Size Grassweave Windowcovering and Natural Wallcovering Collections.

Explore all new arrivals for Spring 2023


Not sure which method of operation is best for the Roman or Roller shade you’re specifying? Our new calculators will help simplify the specifying process by validating your selections.

Have more questions or need additional assistance? Our showroom representatives have been professionally trained to help you with specifying, quoting, and general ordering assistance. To find a showroom near you, visit our showroom listings. Hartmann&Forbes’ Customer Relations Team is also available 7am-5pm at 888.582.8780 to quote projects or provide additional assistance.

Hartmann&Forbes’ Automation Project Management (APM) program has in-house automation specialists to work with designers and integrators to configure and specify automated shading systems. Schedule a consultation.

MONDAY MAY 8, 2023

Since the Fall of 2021, with the launch of the Max Humphrey Collection by Hartmann&Forbes, we’ve been experimenting with unique patterns on our jacquard handloom. Jacquard is a classic weaving technique in which pattern and color are woven directly into the textile with a visible reverse pattern. We loved the graphic and creative designs we could create using this technique, and thus the Woven-to-Size Grassweave Motifs Collection was born. 

A visual representation of the concept of motifs, this collection deploys repeating decorative patterns to artfully express emotions and ideas. These intricate designs are handwoven using natural fibers on a jacquard loom for rich color and texture and a calming, rhythmic effect. For Spring/Summer 2023, we’re introducing two series to the Motifs Collection, Canework and Pinisi, each offered in four colorways. Look for more designs in the seasons to come!

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