Each time we create a new Reference Kit we consider it a labor of love – we thoroughly review and edit products and specifications to bring you the best nature-inspired, artisanally made products in the marketplace. It took us a while, but the 2022 Reference Kit is printed and ready to ship. 

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The kit features our complete natural collection and provides design inspiration and a step-by-step system for specification. And of course, being named one of Oregon’s Top 100 Green Workplaces in 2022, rest assured, we printed with only low energy and UV inks on FSC-certified paper.

The Kit Contents:


Features inspirational photography, weave images and weave details worthy of showing your best client.


Provides visual examples of each style, specifications, and design considerations along with available options and upgrades. 


Provides measuring instructions, complete fabric detail, and pricing.

We would be thrilled to walk you through the new Reference Kit in person or through a zoom call – contact us to set up an appointment, or you can download a complete list of changes. The kit is available in your local showroom or order online. The updated price list is effective July 1, 2022.


We are incredibly honored to be recognized for the 10th consecutive year, remaining at the #6 spot, as one of Oregon Business Magazine’s “100 Best Green Workplaces.” Passionately committed to drive change within the industry, we continue to work diligently to reframe the context of responsible design by making products in ways that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

“Embedding sustainability in strategy is not only essential to a better future, but to one’s well-being. By infusing organic objects into our interior spaces, we can create a restorative human experience,” explains Michael Jones, Hartmann&Forbes Founder. “It’s an honor and a privilege to be leading a company that is so intricately intertwined with our natural world and to be recognized for it.”

Handwoven and crafted with natural fibers including ramie, water hyacinth, and abaca fibers, each Hartmann&Forbes product begins with the careful examination and selection of premium natural fibers. By cultivating unique natural fibers from well-managed ecosystems and weaving near the source, we ensure authentic craftsmanship that leaves a smaller environmental footprint. 

Congratulations to all the companies in Oregon who earned this accomplishment.


Pictured: President Scott Howes receiving award along with other members of Project Green. Left to right: Kim Leagjeld, Heath Strode, Scott Howes and Menna Mourad.

MONDAY JUNE 13, 2022

Can't Sleep

One of the most important factors affecting sleep is light, which regulates our internal clock, or circadian rhythms. When light hits the retina, our body uses that information to determine the time of day. Because modern life is filled with artificial light—from streetlamps to smartphones—at all hours, our circadian rhythms are compromised, as is our production of melatonin, the sleep-promoting hormone. The consequences extend beyond adequate sleep to our health and well-being, contributing to stress, seasonal affective disorder, weight gain, and cardiovascular issues.

Research has shown the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep is to make your bedroom as dark as possible. That’s the idea behind blackout shades, which block external light so you can fall—and stay—asleep. In addition, the material muffles noise and keeps sun and UV rays out for an optimal sleeping temperature.

Hartmann&Forbes offers a large selection of performance fabric rollershades designed for light blockage. Featuring refined patterns and rich textures, most are PVC-free and Greenguard Gold certified. 

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Performance Fabrics


MONDAY MAY 23, 2022

Masters of Linen Logo An ancient fabric, linen has long been favored for its many attributes, among them beauty, durability, breathability, and sustainability. One of the highest designations of quality for this material is the Masters of Linen® trademark. It guarantees excellence as well as production entirely in Europe, from field to spinning to finished fabric. The mark also means the linen is sustainably made from European flax fiber with no waste, irrigation, or polluting chemicals.

To gain the coveted designation, a certified artisan must weave the fabric from linen yards that are 100% Masters of Linen-certified, with a final composition of pure linen, majority linen, or linen union (a minimum of 40% linen). All Hartmann&Forbes’ Ertheweave fabrics are 100% linen and carry this prestigious trademark, offered in seamless widths by the yard up to 118" and shades up to 114."

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MONDAY MAY 9, 2022


“We aim to design products that are conscientious and soul-satisfying, delivering a balance of restorative beauty and time-honored craftsmanship – products that are sustainably made in every sense of the word.” ~Rebecca Welch, H&F Design Director

A passion for handweaving, design exploration and a love of nature continues to fuel the evolution and growth of our H&F Studio Collections. New products for Spring/Summer ’22 include Reflection, a zen-inspired Woven-to-Size Papyrusweave series available in two colorways. Additionally, our Soft Natural Fabric Collection gets an update that includes new colorways for the Weathered, Cords, and the Fields series, plus a Brushed series refresh now milled in one of Europe’s most revered linen mills. These linens are all Masters of Linen certified, which guarantees excellence and 100% European traceability at each stage of processing. We’re also re-introducing the high-performance, sustainably made Ecoweave and an update to the Solarweave 5000 series in our Performance Fabric Collections.

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MONDAY MAY 2, 2022

In Conversation with Designer Amy Meier

Founder and principal designer of Rancho Santa Fe-based Amy Meier Design and Amy Meier, a specialty boutique, Meier is renowned for an aesthetic that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. Her projects have been published in such magazines as House Beautiful, Veranda, and ELLE DECOR, and she was named a Traditional Home Rising Star in 2017 and one of Veranda’s Next Legends for 2022. 

Join us for a conversation with Meier and Arianne Nardo, design editor and journalist, as they discuss the inspiration behind her collaboration with Hartmann&Forbes and her new collection of handwoven natural windowcoverings.



FINDING INSPIRATION from seemingly disparate sources: Japanese Minimalistic Design, the Bauhaus School, and ancient Korean cloth tradition, and then finding the common “thread” that unifies these movements: Minimalism, Functionalism, and the use of raw materials is the vision behind our latest collaboration with designer Amy Meier for Spring/Summer22.

We sat down with Meier to discuss her process, inspiration, and what it was like designing this collection with Hartmann&Forbes.

LEAM30-03 Dapple - Parchment Install

H&F: Tell us about how this collaboration came about. What was the process like? Was it conducive to your typical design process?
AM: During the first month of the pandemic, when so little was known about how the whole thing would play out and how it would affect businesses, Rebecca, H&F’s Director of Product Development, reached out to me about the possibility of working together. At the time it felt like so many doors were potentially closing, here was an exciting opportunity to open a new door and discover what was behind it! I knew that Rebecca and I were connected via Instagram, but what I did not know was that we are basically neighbors, connected by our small Southern California community ties.

The process, in a word, was collaborative. And of course, the proximity really helped in being able to bounce things off of each other on off days and at odd hours. H&F, and Rebecca specifically, were very open to my process, my interests, and my sometimes-crazy ideas, and really supported me in being as involved as I wanted to be (VERY). They were open and supportive, they nurtured and taught when needed and also allowed me to experiment and push ideas. I never heard “No,” only “Let me see if it is possible.” We explored new materials and concepts, which actually led to the creation of a new type of pedal loom. 

Yes, the process was very similar to my typical process in that it was organic, built upon layers, and the ideas evolved over time. There was a loose holistic concept that was like a seed that germinated, and we really took the time and did the legwork to fully develop ideas and concepts.

Product Testing Gossamer - Hatch Chalk

H&F: What inspires you?
AM: Beautiful imagery, travel, art, light, craftsmanship, organization.

H&F: What was the initial inspiration behind this collection? Where did the ideas come from?
AM: I love how H&F uses natural fibers and I wanted to really embrace that, which led to this idea of creating something that felt organic and natural, but also highly structured. So I poured over images from all different eras and contexts, movements, and mediums…for ideas and images that emoted these qualities. And over and over again, I kept flagging all these seemingly disparate sources, and literally, every one of them fell into one of three buckets. Here is the bucket of wonderful examples of traditional Korean Pujagi, here in the middle is the bucket for exemplary Japanese minimalistic design, and here on the right is the bucket for the Bauhaus School. I filled up each bucket with images not knowing I had even created these buckets.

H&F: During the design process were there any unexpected surprises?
AM: Yes, there were so many! But I especially loved discovering that the backs of the weaves were as beautiful as the intended fronts, which led us to embrace them and use the reverses as well.

H&F: Are there specific patterns or colors you find yourself drawn to?
AM: Yes, neutral and natural colors, but ones that are slightly off. Like a beige with a hint of purple, or a cream with a soft pink undercurrent.

H&F: How would you describe this collection?
AM: I like to think of it as calm and relaxing, but because of its structure and organization, if that makes sense. Really, at its core, the collection is about the subtle tension between opposing forces. Rigidity versus relaxation, tight versus loose weaves. Organic yet organized.

Amy Meier with Rebecca Welch

H&F: What was it like working on a collaboration with H&F?
AM: It really was a wonderful experience working with such a talented, kind and supportive group of people, all with separate talents and roles. Everyone was super positive, helpful, and informative. They let me do my thing when appropriate but also knew when to lend their own expertise. It was a great collaboration.

H&F: How did you feel about the natural, handwoven, and sustainable elements of the collection?
AM: This is truly one of the reasons why I was so excited to work with H&F. And we really embraced the nature of the materials and used many of them in their natural form. Honestly, we looked to nature to do what it does, feel natural but also structured, organized yet free!

H&F: How important are window coverings in the overall design of a room?
AM: Huge, it is often how we start the design of a given room. For me, rooms are about emotion, and the light in a given space is the number one determinant of the emotion it will evoke. And of course, there is no better way to manipulate natural light than with window treatments and coverings.

H&F: Tell us how you envisioned the other uses for the weaves with the lighting, upholstery, and screens.
AM: I envisioned this line to be used in as many ways as possible, and yes, lighting, furniture upholstery, screens… even lanterns, and handbags. Specifically, Stipple, Fret, and Joinery were intended to be used in many of these applications as they have the most structure, but really all of them were made and intended to be used in a variety of ways.

The Amy Meier Collection by Hartmann&Forbes features seven Woven-to-Size Grassweave Windowcovering series.


AMY MEIER, founder and principal designer of Rancho Santa Fe-based Amy Meier Design and Amy Meier, a specialty boutique, is renowned for an aesthetic that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. Her projects have been published in such magazines as House Beautiful, Veranda, and ELLE DECOR, and she was named a Traditional Home Rising Star in 2017 and one of Veranda’s Next Legends for 2022. Her collection by Hartmann&Forbes deftly fuses inspiration from Japanese design, the Bauhaus School, and traditional Korean cloth.

“Though I drew inspiration from seemingly disparate sources: Japanese Minimalism Design, the Bauhaus School, and ancient Korean cloth tradition, it’s what these movements have in common that excited me: Minimalism, Functionalism, and the use of raw materials.  And what better medium than the naturally beautiful Hartmann&Forbes handwoven products to express the organic yet highly structured design I envisioned.  It is my hope that these individual weaves are seen and used as a whole, as it was my intention for them to work and play off of each other, creating a far richer composition.” ~Amy Meier

The Amy Meier Collection by Hartmann&Forbes features seven Woven-to-Size Grassweave windowcovering designs.


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For over 20 years, we have been guided by a clear vision of who we are and what we stand for; we celebrate a diverse community motivated by exceptional craftsmanship, environmental stewardship, and uncompromising service. For nearly a decade, we have made the annual list of Oregon Business Magazine’s “100 Best Green Workplaces,” rising up the ranks to #6 in 2021. Continuing and expanding on our commitment to workplace best practices and employee job satisfaction, 2022 marks our first year to be recognized as a “100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon!”

We are humbled and honored to be recognized as #19 under the medium-sized companies category across the state that participated in this year’s survey. Thank you to our dedicated and loyal employees who help us be better every day.

Congratulations to all the companies in Oregon who earned this accomplishment.


We are pleased to announce the reintroduction of the black and white Metal Ball Chains as an option for Roman Style shades with a Clutch or Roller Style shades. Please see all options listed below and note in your Style Guide for future reference.

metal-ball-chain-options-wideROMAN STYLE SHADES 
Clutch Control Loop Options

- Textile Cord Loop- Textile Cord Loop
- Bead Chain- Bead Chain
- Metal Ball Chain- Metal Ball Chain



metal-ball-chain-options-wideROLLER STYLE SHADES
Control Loop Options

- Bead Chain- Bead Chain
- Metal Ball Chain- Metal Ball Chain



newton-smart-shade-systemNEWTON SMARTTM SHADE SYSTEM
Control Options

- Metal Ball Chain- Metal Ball Chain


Please direct any questions you might have regarding this update to Customer Relations at 888.582.8780