We are pleased to announce our 2018 Anniversary New Arrivals with 17 woven-to-size designs in 44 colorways. Hartmann&Forbes began with a passion for designing and weaving unique textiles of sustainable fibers. We are proud to have continuously challenged existing standards with our innovative textures and handwoven artistry.

As we reflect on our 20 years, we are grateful for the journey. We are a community of farmers, weavers, craftsmen, showroom partners and designers bonded by a common vision to create interior spaces that deliver an experience of beauty and restoration.

As we celebrate this milestone, we want to thank you for being a part of our story. We hope that you enjoy the largest addition to our Woven-to-Size collection. We look forward to many more years of collaboration.

To order a sample kit go to hartmannforbes.com/sample-kits




We are constantly engineering innovative solutions and techniques that improve our shade security. The new tension device is crafted for our manual clutch systems to ensure efficient and proper installation, continuously keeping the cord loops taut. If a shade is not installed correctly, the clutch system will refuse to operate. Its durable construction and child safe qualifications enhances any home.

In addition to its safety benefits, the tension device is now available in five different colors, coordinating well with our new bead chain. Collectively, these two are designed to harmoniously integrate with the natural colors of our handwoven weaves. The tension device can also be paired with our cord loop and metal chain. This sleek mechanism can be quickly installed as an inside or outside mount. It is a standard for all clutch-operated roller and roman shades.

Our new bead chain is standard for all manual clutch-operated roller shades, and is an option for manual clutch-operated roman shades.

For more information about these devices, please contact Customer Relations at 888.582.8780 or hfcr@hartmannforbes.com.




Natural light and how it interacts and filters through our woven textiles is fundamental to the beauty and character of our natural woven shades. Some projects, however, require more privacy, sun control or furnishing protection.

Retrofitting a shade with a liner is one of the most common post-sale requests. It’s a process that can be time consuming and costly for the interior designer, so it’s important to consider your privacy options early in the specification process to avoid mistakes.

When selecting the proper liner for your shade you should consider the level of privacy and protection from sunlight, the degree of darkness desired, as well as the weight of the weave in relation to the weight of the liner.

We offer a full range of liners in three collections that are designed to color coordinate with your natural woven shade:

The SHEER COLLECTION offers a lightweight refined fabric prized for its delicate, light-filtering effect. Sheer liner adds body, weight and protection to woven shades without compromising the open-weave light-filtering characteristics.

The TRANSLUCENT COLLECTION provides a deeper level of privacy and protection, to both the woven shade and the interior, yet shapes and shadows remain recognizable.

The BLACKOUT COLLECTION offers complete privacy and total protection from the sun.

If you have questions about these privacy upgrades please feel free to contact your local Showroom Representative or Hartmann&Forbes directly at 888.582.8770.





We are excited to announce that we are expanding further internationally with Primavera Interior Furnishings, our new showroom partner. Based in Toronto, Canada, Primavera has served the interior designer community for 46 years. They represent the finest collection of fabrics, furniture and lighting from around the world, and now include our natural windowcoverings, wallcoverings and textiles.

“Our collaboration with Primavera is a celebratory milestone to our 20th anniversary. In our journey, Hartmann&Forbes has continuously challenged and advanced the standard with our innovative textures and handwoven artistry. Our unique designs will be well represented by Primavera, with their values of elegance, quality and style,” said Michael Jones, Hartmann&Forbes’ founder.

For more information about Primavera Interior Furnishings, please visit hartmannforbes.com/showrooms





Leverage the power of Somfy myLink™ and Amazon Alexa for voice control of your automated Hartmann&Forbes shades. Use simple commands, like "Alexa, ask myLink to lower Bedroom Shades" "Alexa, tell myLink to raise the Kitchen Shades" "Alexa, ask myLink to play Goodnight scene"

Using the Somfy myLink skill is easy and only requires three things to get started:

  1. A fully-operational Somfy myLink system (mobile device with app + at least 1 Somfy myLink dev6ice) with a connected motor
  2. Mobile device (iOS or Android) running the latest Somfy myLink app for account linking
  3. A device with Amazon Alexa connected to an Amazon account

To learn more or request a voice-controlled shade quote, please contact Customer Relations at 888.582.8780 or hfcr@hartmannforbes.com.




The natural world – where beauty and contrast right at the surface. Smooth glossy rocks sculpted by rushing tides and rough-hewn bark pitted by spirited winds – varied textures held in natural harmony.

As in nature, texture provides interest and balance to an interior space. This Fall we are adding sixteen new beautiful texture-rich weaves to our signature Woven-to-Size collections, eleven Grassweave and five Papyrusweave.® These new Woven-to-Size windowcovering designs include delicate braids, inlaid fibers and patterned weaves; organic elements that gently add visual depth, attracting the eye and setting a mood of restful sanctuary.

View New Fall Arrivals




If you’re planning to install in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas, please check order placement dates below. Any orders placed after deadline dates will require pre-approval, and will incur a 25% Rush Charge

Order deadline for shipment by 11/16/17 · 10/5/17 – Woven-to-Size Roman Shades, Roller Style, Draperies, PanelScreen, Top Treatments · 11/2/17 – Tailored-to-Size Roman Shades, Draperies, PanelScreen, Top Treatments · 11/9/17 – Tailored-to-Size Rollershades

Order deadline for shipment by 12/16/17 · 11/4/17 – Woven-to-Size Roman Shades, Roller Style, Draperies, PanelScreen, Top Treatments · 12/2/17 – Tailored-to-Size Roman Shades, Draperies, PanelScreen, Top Treatments · 12/9/17 – Tailored-to-Size Rollershades

Please note the following: · Woven-to-Size shades over 119"– Customer Provided Motor and Special Order Motors may extend lead time up to 2 weeks · Large Qty Orders (over 20 units) may have increased lead times · Selected Tailored-to-Size weaves must be in inventory · Express shipment fees may apply depending on when you place the order and the shipping address · Dates are estimated and not guaranteed without a Rush Charge

Thank you for your continued support.



MONDAY JUNE 12, 2017

Due to the rigid nature of PW155 Zen Garden and PW156 Stone Temple from the Zen Series, we no longer recommend these weaves as a roman shade. However, they continue to make up beautifully as roller style shades.

Other colorways in the series are still recommended for either a roman or roller style shade: PW50 Snow LanternPW51 Moon BridgePW52 Stepping Stone and PW53 Koi Pond.

Please direct any questions to Customer Relations at 888.582.8780.




We are excited to announce that our Woven-to-Size Papyrusweave Collection can now be handwoven seamlessly up to 150" wide. This new capability provides you with more options for accommodating large, modern window expanses or for long natural draperies.

For ease of reference, please make a note of this change in your printed specifications guide and in your sample library.

Please feel free to contact your local Showroom Representative or contact us directly at 888.582.8780 if you have any questions or need assistance.

View Woven-to-Size Papyrusweave Collection




We have discontinued the Avenue series from our Wallcovering category, this is inclusive of WL390 Lexington, WL391 Fifth and WL392 Madison. Effective immediately, these wallcoverings are no longer available. Please remove and recycle these memos from your designer sample kit and or library.