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What kind of windowcoverings does H&F make?

We handcraft a large variety of Roman Shades, Rollershades, Top Treatments, and specialty shapes. Our artisans and tailors bring decades of experience to our custom capabilities, allowing us to offer a broad range of sustainable design solutions. Customize a weave to achieve the color or design that best fits your project – remove, change, or add metallic threads, widen the warp edge, or color-match a room detail. The possibilities are endless.

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What do you mean by “Natural” Windowcoverings?

We are committed to cultivating and harvesting rapidly renewable materials, by hand, in well-managed ecosystems. The raw materials we use come from hardy plants that can be naturally irrigated and often do not require pesticides or fertilizers or other harsh chemicals. Fibers are soaked, split, stripped, sundried, and spun – all by hand. Our loom masters then blend them together using a complex rhythm of warps and wefts. We perform this work by hand to ensure genuine quality. Minor variations in texture and color can be expected with each season’s harvest.

Learn more about our sustainability efforts

How are the edges finished?


This method is a true made-to-order weaving and crafting process. Once an order is received, artisans prepare the natural fibers, which are then handwoven to the window dimensions within a ½"W tolerance. The hallmark of this method is the loom-finished edge — a meticulous technique of looping weft fibers at each edge, then shuttling them back through the loom to create a continuous warp-edge finish. This arduous weaving technique has a longer lead time but delivers an exquisite shade-edge detail and up to 180” wide.



This method is a weave-and-stock process. Fibers are prepared and woven into roll goods which are inventoried in our finishing facility in Oregon. Once an order is received our craftspeople measure and precisely trim and tailor each shade material to size. The edges are meticulously stitched when necessary for a finished-edge appearance. Since materials are pre-woven and in stock, TTS offers a shorter lead time and lower price point than WTS. Tailored-to-Size products may have size limitations due to roll widths.

Where do your products come from?

The natural materials we use are harvested all over the world. These materials are grown close to our weaving facilities, in cultures where age-old crafts are studied and respected. Our products are then hand-finished in our Northwest Finishing Facility to custom requirements.

How do I order your product?


Our Natural Windowcoverings and Wallcoverings are available exclusively to the trade and serviced through a network of U.S. and international showrooms. Showrooms are professionally trained to assist with specifying, quoting, and ordering.

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Our Customer Relations department can assist you with quoting, ordering, troubleshooting, warranty, and sample kits between 7AM and 5PM (PST)  888.582.8780 | HFCR@HARTMANNFORBES.COM.

How do I order samples?

SHOWROOMS: All of our representative showrooms are professionally trained to assist you with sample tools, including no-charge memos and Designer Sample Kits.

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ONLINE: Once you have created an account, you can access our Sample Library to view, filter, and order memos at no-charge 24/7. Memos are shipped the same day if ordered before 12PM (PST). Designer Sample Kits are also available by collection or custom-filled by color, texture, and/or price point. If you would like to order more than seven memos, please purchase from a list of complete sample kits:

Designer Sample Kit.


If you have any questions, please contact Customer Relations between the hours of 7AM and 5PM (PST) 888.582.8780 | HFCR@HARTMANNFORBES.COM.

Can I get a cutting for approval (CFA)?

A CFA is available upon request for Tailored-to-Size and Fabric Collections. A quote number is required prior to sending the CFA. A cutting will be sent for client approval upon request. Please request a CFA from Customer Relations between the hours of 7AM and 5PM (PST)  888.582.8780 | HFCR@HARTMANNFORBES.COM.

How do I return or adjust a product?

For warranty claims or modification of product, please fill out a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form and email it to Customer Relations. Once you have submitted your form, a Customer Relations Representative will review and respond with instructions to complete your request. Please contact Customer Relations between the hours of 7AM and 5PM (PST)  888.582.8780  for any assistance regarding this process.


How do I learn more about Windowcovering Automation?

As a complimentary service, our Automation Project Manager (APM) will help you design, specifying, and manage the process of ordering and automating Windowcovering. We can collaborate with your team of architects, builders, installers, and integrators to ensure that your project is properly specified. You can start by contacting us between the hours of 5AM and 7PM (PST)  888.582.8780  [PRESS 2]  or contact  HFAVCR@HARTMANNFORBES.COM  for assistance.

Automation Project Management

Can anyone install Automated Windowcoverings?

Most professional installers can install the Motor-Clutch (battery) system. Hardwired systems may require an electrician or integrator as well. In some cases, installation requires a certified technician.

Contact our Automaton Project Manager for installation support

When is it too late to hardwire?

It’s never too late to hardwire. Integrators are adept at installing wire where it’s needed. Low voltage cable is small, easily hidden, and may not require a permit to install. Additionally, hardwired motors can be specified with cords that can be hidden behind drapery panels and plugged into standard outlets. If power cannot be obtained, our battery operated motors are an ideal solution. Learn more about our:

Automation Motor Offerings
What is the cost of Shade Automation?

The cost will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project.

Please contact Customer Relations between the hours of 5AM and 7PM (PST) 888.582.8780 | HFQUOTE@HARTMANNFORBES.COM  for a quote.

Who programs the remote controls?

For your convenience, our Automation Specialists set and test shade limits, as well as program remotes and keypads before the shades leave our finishing facility. Any integration should be done by either the installer or integrator. Utilizing our Automation Worksheet will help you identify who should program the shades.


Does it take longer to deliver Automated Windowcoverings?

Yes, production lead times may be extended depending on the size and complexity of the project and the availability of parts.

Please contact Customer Relations between 5AM and 7PM (PST) 888.582.8780 |  HFCR@HARTMANNFORBES.COM for estimated lead time on a specific product collection and style.



What makes your wallcovering unique?

Hartmann&Forbes designs with best-in-class sustainable Natural Fibers. We deliver one-of-one products meaning each design is as individual and unique as the natural fibers from which it’s made. Because of this, there are often slight irregularities. Fiber variances are inherent in Natural Wallcoverings and are not considered defects. Many of our Wallcoverings are handcrafted from natural materials and finished with color washes. We encourage you to exercise care in handling to avoid damage. Seams may be obvious upon installation; this panel effect is inherent with Natural Wallcoverings. Subtle shading differences between strips tend to soften over time.

How do I approximate the amount of Wallcovering I need?

For final measurements, ordering, and installation, please use a professional Wallcovering installer to reduce the potential for error. To estimate the approximate yardage requirements for quoting purposes, use the online tool below:


Do I need to use a professional installer?

For best results, we recommend using a professional Wallcovering installer.

Do some Wallcoverings need Special Installation Instructions?

For a large portion of our Wallcoverings we recommend using the following Wallcovering Installation Instructions.

Please see installation addendums for Riverfront, Seaboard, Baja and Cathedral Installation.

Can I get a cutting for approval (CFA)?

A purchase order must be placed and order deposit received prior to sending a CFA. If requested, the Wallcovering cutting will be sent for client approval. CFA can be requested from Customer Relations between 7AM and 5PM (PST)  888.582.8780 | HFCR@HARTMANNFORBES.COM.

Can Wallcovering products be returned?

Yes, we encourage you to inspect all Wallcovering roll orders for defects prior to installation or use – check for correct color, pattern, and yardage for any irregularities. If ordering Wallcovering, authorized returns will be subject to a 25% restocking fee plus any freight charges. No returns or claims will be allowed once the material has been cut or used. Claims for labor charges will not be paid under any circumstances. No returns will be permitted due to overage. Wallcovering claims must be made within 30 days of the ship date.


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