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MAY 2023 (TUALATIN, OREGON) – Hartmann&Forbes, award-winning maker of sustainable natural window and wall coverings announces new Grassweave Motifs Collection for Spring 2023. A visual representation of the concept of motifs, this collection deploys repeating decorative patterns to artfully express emotions and ideas. Ranging from the geometric and abstract to the botanical and traditional, these intricate designs are handwoven of natural fibers on a jacquard loom for rich color and texture and a calming, rhythmic effect. The collection includes two series of woven-to-size grassweaves, Canework and Pinisi, each offered in four colorways. 

Canework – Modeled after classic woven-cane chairs, this refined series is marked by a recurring geometric motif. The intricate design is jacquard-handloomed of natural banana fiber, crisscrossing the tonal ground in an elegant lattice pattern; the colors create contrast and visual dimension.

Pinisi – Traditional sailing vessels, known as pinisi, inspired this series, a modern take on traditional design. Jacquard-handloomed of ramie, Pinisi features a motif of the rigged boats in silhouette.

MARCH 2023 (TUALATIN, OREGON) – Hartmann&Forbes, maker of sustainable natural window and wall coverings is proud to announce product additions to their collection with J. Randall Powers. Coming off the success of their Spring 2021 collaboration, the update includes one woven-to-size grassweave windowcovering and one natural wallcovering design in multiple colorways.


Windsor – Corded French textiles inspired this transitional series by J. Randall Powers. Windsor’s tightly woven ramie ground is detailed with yarns that are individually twisted by hand into pencil lines. Their two-tone palette and horizontal relief offer a fresh take on a traditional striped design. 


Morgan – J. Randall Powers drew inspiration for this series from his collection of Native American baskets. Marked by a refined zigzag pattern that’s gravure-printed in three natural tones on a jute-paper ground, the wallcovering delivers visual dimension and a touch of playful flair.

MARCH 2023 (TUALATIN, OREGON) –Renowned creator of sustainable natural window and wall coverings, Hartmann&Forbes is proud to announce the launch of a natural wallcovering in collaboration with Amy Meier, founder and principal designer of Rancho Santa Fe-based Amy Meier Design. Coming off the success of their Spring 2022 collaboration, the wallcovering complements her window covering series which fuses inspiration from Japanese design, the Bauhaus School, and traditional Korean cloth. 


Framework – This sophisticated, yet soothing wallcovering is a contemporary nod to the traditional chogak bo or patchwork style of Korean Bojagi. Blocks of woven paper in varying sizes are hand-placed in a restrained linear architecture that can be custom arranged to create specific styles and ambiances.

MARCH 2023 (TUALATIN, OREGON) – Hartmann&Forbes, maker of sustainable natural window and wall coverings is proud to announce the launch of its first collection with Erinn V., founder and principal designer of the award-winning design firm Erinn V. Design Group, and ERINN V. furniture brand, as well as the visionary behind StyleRow. Adding to Hartmann&Forbes’ diverse portfolio of designs, the collection reflects her signature California style, and includes an assortment of weaves that are designed to be a very usable and livable “modern neutrals” collection.

“I love an open weave texture on windows.” explains Erinn V. “There is something very chic and beautiful to me in the feeling of a mesh-like texture in window coverings. Unexpected and yet so practical.”

The collection features three Woven-to-Size Grassweave windowcovering series.


At Sea – Inspired by traditional fishing nets, At Sea features an open weave hand loomed from natural palm and ramie fibers. Rendered in a range of coastal hues, the design’s rhythmic, grid pattern gives the textural tableaux a sense of structure that suits formal and informal settings alike. 

Whitecaps – Evocative of waves breaking on the seashore, refined ramie is woven with richly dimensional ramie slubs that ebb and flow across the canvas, producing an artful, abstract pattern conjuring the look of cresting whitecaps.

Dockside – Drawing inspiration from picturesque docks found along the west coast, Dockside’s variegated stripes descend the relaxed ramie weave, evoking the profile of a pier and producing a play of texture and tension against the tonal, open ground. 

JANUARY 2023 (Tualatin, OR) – This coming May, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will implement new mandatory federal safety standards impacting cord use in all windowcoverings produced going forward. The regulation, eliminating all operational cords on windowcoverings, is an effort to prevent cord-related incidents involving young children and pets.

Hartmann&Forbes, maker of sustainable natural window and wall coverings, has always supported the effort to advance the safety of windowcoverings and, since its founding, has strictly adhered to the industry-established guidelines in each country they serve. As such, the company has been preparing for this inevitability in the North American markets for some time and is excited to broaden its motorized and automated product line to meet these new regulations. Hartmann&Forbes will continue to innovate new styles and systems that genuinely blend art and technology, creating not only the safest product on the market but the most luxurious product as well.

“Our high standards for both our product and personal integrity compel us to build products that meet or exceed the industry expectations, delivering the safest and most healthful window coverings possible,” explains Michael Jones, Hartmann&Forbes Founder.

The U.S. CPSC will impose these new mandatory safety standards on all products sold by the windowcovering industry, with an effective date of May 30, 2023. Hartmann&Forbes recognizes that while it must ensure it is meeting and exceeding these new standards, educating designers who specify windowcoverings is paramount. As a result, the company plans to offer an automation CEU throughout the spring to help designers understand what they need to know and what their methods of operation options are going forward.

These changes may be modified over the coming months, but Hartmann&Forbes remains dedicated to ensuring it has the latest information to inform its showrooms and designers. In addition, the brand will continue to develop tools to help its partners communicate these changes to their clients over the coming months. 

AUGUST 2022 (TUALATIN, OREGON) – Hartmann&Forbes, maker of sustainable natural window and wall coverings is proud to announce the launch of its first collection with Lisa Kanning, founder and principal designer of New York City based design firm Lisa Kanning Interior Design. Adding to Hartmann&Forbes’ diverse portfolio of designs, Kanning’s collection is inspired by her roots in rural Montana drawing on nature and her surroundings. The collection effortlessly layers varied textures and natural materials creating textural depth to the designs.

“It seemed a natural progression to interpret these forms of nature in my collection for Hartmann&Forbes, allowing for more concise versions of these natural elements,” explains Kanning. “The collection translates these natural shapes and materials into modern forms, utilizing a variety of techniques to elevate them to high design status.”

The collection features three Woven-to-Size Grassweave windowcovering series and four natural wallcovering series.


Fungi – Meticulously hand-placed Mendong flowers distinguish this design. Woven of weighty ramie, individual flowers are inserted into the weft, creating a series of dark slubby streaks that recall the frilly edge of a mushroom cap sprouting from the forest floor.

Cenote – Long, hanging vines suspended over Yucatan sinkholes served as inspiration for this earthy yet elegant series. Refined abaca is woven with gleaming gold, silver, and copper threads, producing textural striations that conjure the rich dimension and natural colors of these underground caves.

Zenith – Slender metallic stripes shimmer against a field of sheer banana fiber in this series. The delicate tone-on-tone design is woven with dimensional traces of copper or silver that gracefully descend the fabric, their vertical trajectory evoking a streaking star in the night sky.


Birch – Inspired by natural birch bark, this series reinterprets its namesake in a richly textural design. The large-scale, dimensional pattern is elaborately stitched with slate or gold threads that play a delicate counterpoint to a rough-hewn cork ground over metallic paper.

Sycamore – Reminiscent of Sycamore tree bark, this series features a captivating camouflage pattern. The mottled motif is rendered in a complex layering of silver-painted paper, laser-cut cork, sisal, and metallic embroidery, the interplay of materials bringing rich depth and organic beauty.

Rocks – Faux suede intricately stitched in complementary colors creates this collection’s trompe l’oeil effect of strewn rocks. Artful tonal shifts produce a play of shadow and angles that lend depth and detail to the pattern, the sheen from the embroidery enhancing its dimensional quality.

Marsh – A desolate field of wizened grass is reimagined as a vibrant landscape in this series. Tonal paper weave is embroidered with dimensional stitches that free and separate the fibers. Its fringed eyelash effect is reminiscent of the graceful movement of grass in a marsh.

100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon 2022 logo

JUNE 2022 (Tualatin, OR) – This month, Oregon Business magazine named its 2022 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon, recognizing employers with best-in-class sustainable workplace practices. For the 10th consecutive year, Hartmann&Forbes made an appearance on the esteemed list remaining at the #6 spot compared to 2021.

Hartmann&Forbes, maker of luxurious natural windowcoverings, wallcoverings and textiles, continues to work diligently to reframe the context of responsible design by making products in ways that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. Passionately committed to drive change within the industry, the company continues to lead the industry and brainstorm ways they can reach the next level of sustainability.

“Embedding sustainability in strategy is not only essential to a better future, but to one’s well-being. By infusing organic objects into our interior spaces, we can create a restorative human experience,” explains Michael Jones, Hartmann&Forbes Founder. “It's an honor and a privilege to be leading a company that is so intricately intertwined with our natural world and to be recognized for it.”

Handwoven and crafted with natural fibers including ramie, water hyacinth, and abaca fibers, each Hartmann&Forbes product begins with the careful examination and selection of premium natural fibers. By cultivating unique natural fibers from well-managed ecosystems and weaving near the source, they ensure authentic craftsmanship that leaves a smaller environmental footprint. The company crafts its products using natural materials and techniques that have low or no levels of VOC’s, minimizing the impact products have on indoor air quality. Additionally, each of Hartmann&Forbes natural products are designed and crafted using components that can be recycled, recrafted, or composted at the end of its lifecycle.

The company started Project Green in 2005, a company-wide collaborative effort that empowers the entire staff to suggest and participate in ways to improve its sustainable workplace efforts. Project green has led to numerous initiatives including the use of Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper, corporate recycling, a renewable energy program, carbon neutral deliveries, the use of recyclable shipping products and more.

Celebrating its 14th year and based on Oregon Business’ widely recognized 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon ranking, the 100 Best Green Workplaces come from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, professional and business services, construction, and the nonprofit sector.

APRIL 2022 (TUALATIN, OREGON) - Hartmann&Forbes, award-winning maker of sustainable natural window and wall coverings announces new in-house designs for Spring22. A passion for handweaving, design exploration, and a love of nature continues to fuel the evolution and growth of their H&F Studio Collections. The update includes a new Woven-to-Size Papyrusweave series, an update to their soft natural fabrics, as well as an update to their performance fabrics.


REFLECTION – Lightweight papyrus produces a rich textural backdrop for refined threading in this soothing series. Reimagining classic designs, the rhythmic black and white warp forms an open, irregular stripe pattern bordered by a distinctive finished edge that frames the design.


WEATHERED – A soft, medium-weight linen in stone-washed colors of nature. This easy-going fabric embodies a carefree spirit. Masters of linen certified.

CORDS – Elegance with a rustic twist, this design features tufted cords artistically embroidered onto a heavy linen ground. As wearable as fashion, this contemporary textile will dress any window in chic style. Masters of linen certified.

FIELDS – A perfect expression of harmony in design. This linen beautifully blends two distinct textures into one evocative pattern. Gentle earth tones and visual texture from vertical warp fibers evoke images of undulating flax fields at harvest. Masters of linen certified.

BRUSHED – A soft textured sheer linen milled in the Belgium countryside. Offered in a palette of neutrals to work harmoniously in the home and to coordinate with our natural woven shades. Masters of linen certified.


ECOWEAVE: ECO 100 TRANSLUCENT | ECO 200 BLACKOUT – The new Ecoweave not only solves the challenges of performance environments but also offers a lower impact alternative to other performance options. Crafted from man-made materials, this Greenguard-certified, PVC-free fabric is tightly woven with a rich texture and tailored feel in versatile earth tones that complement our range of natural woven shades.

SOLARSCREEN: 5000 – This design combines rich, textured yarns with traditional patterns in natural rich earth tones. Woven from vinyl coated polyester and uncoated polyester yarns, these fabrics are as durable as they are beautiful.

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MARCH 2022 (Tualatin, OR) – This week, Oregon Business magazine named its 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon, recognizing companies with the most satisfied employees. For the first time in the company’s 24 years, Hartmann&Forbes made its debut at #19.

Hartmann&Forbes, maker of luxurious natural windowcoverings, wallcoverings and textiles all handcrafted of sustainable materials, continually seeks ways to expand on their commitment to workplace best practices and employee job satisfaction. For over 20 years, the company has continued to place importance on fostering and cultivating a diverse community of employees motivated by exceptional craftsmanship, environmental stewardship, and uncompromising service.

“We are humbled and honored to be recognized as #19 under the medium-sized companies’ category across the state that participated in this year’s survey,” says Michael Jones, Founder and CEO of Hartmann&Forbes. “We thank our dedicated team for their leadership and setting the bar so high in terms of what is possible.”

In addition to cultivating a corporate culture that strives to motivate employees, the company offers a flexible work schedule, employee meals and kitchens filled with snacks.

“We all have the same goals to stay sustainable, keep a good work-life balance, and be profitable,” says one satisfied employee.

For nearly a decade, Hartmann&Forbes has made Oregon Business Magazine’s annual list of “100 Best Green Workplaces,” rising up the ranks to #6 in 2021.

Oregon Business is recognized for its pioneering workplace surveys. The 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon, is the magazine’s signature research project followed by its two companion projects, the 100 Best Nonprofits and the 100 Best Green Companies. The 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon survey polls more than 10,000 employees from a variety of companies across the state. Staffers rated their satisfaction on six workplace practices: work environment, management & communications, decision-making & trust, career development & learning, and benefits & compensation.

FEBRUARY 2022 (TUALATIN, OREGON) - Hartmann&Forbes, maker of sustainable natural window and wall coverings is proud to announce the launch of its first collection with Amy Meier, founder and principal designer of Rancho Santa Fe based Amy Meier Design. Adding to Hartmann&Forbes’ diverse portfolio of designs, her collection deftly fuses inspiration from Japanese design, the Bauhaus School, and traditional Korean cloth.

“This collection, like most of my work (and life), is inspired by seemingly disparate experiences, concepts, and both functional and artistic items.” explains Meier. “As the collection developed, it appeared clear that though these concepts varied greatly in their time and application, they came together to form a diverse, yet congress and cohesive line of window coverings.”

The collection features seven Woven-to-Size Grassweave windowcovering series:

Dapple – True to its namesake, Dapple evokes the dreamy look of sunlight peeking through leaves on a tree. The gauzy ground of handwoven ramie plays host to a freeform grid of ramie slubs. The raised, textural design softly filters the light and lends relaxed refinement to an interior.

Gossamer – Bojagi, a traditional Korean silk patchwork that becomes more beautiful and translucent with age, served as the inspiration for this tonal series. Alternating tight and loose weaves, rendered in ramie and warp threads, produce a beautifully irregular striped pattern, and its natural drape and rich texture highlights Gossamer’s handwoven quality and the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi.

Stitch – Stitch balances the linear architecture of the Bauhaus with the soft, natural appeal of Japanese designs. Multicolored abaca is freely hand-placed through an orderly framework of jacquard-handloomed ramie, creating a compelling play of tension and texture and a subtle sense of movement.

Joinery – Paying homage to Bauhaus textile designer Anni Albers, this weave balances the structure of industry with a natural, organic sensibility. Rectangles and squares jacquard-handloomed of textural ramie and multicolored warp fibers form a complex geometry that conjures images of newsprint on a page.

Fret – Inspired by the lustrous look of natural horsehair, Fret features an earthy, variegated palette of banana fiber handwoven with black warp thread. The understated design, with its refined texture and iridescent beauty, feels both timeless and current.

Stipple – Informed by the crisp geometry of the Bauhaus, while capturing the quiet restraint of Japanese design, Stipple is distinguished by its soothing subtly. Against a ground of refined ramie, a series of small, woven squares produce intriguing nuances in texture and dimension, its neutral palette lending it tonal beauty.

Framework – The large repeating windowpane motif is inspired by the chogak bo or patchwork style of Korean Bojagi. Masterfully jacquard-handloomed of banana fiber, the textural geometry brings dimension and differing opacities to the quiet, monochromatic composition.


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