If you’re planning to install in time for the holidays, please check order placement dates below.
Any orders placed after deadline dates will require pre-approval, and will incur a 25% Rush Charge.

Order deadline for shipment by 11/16/16
· 9/21/16 – Woven-to-Size – Roman Shades, Roller Style, Draperies, PanelScreens, Top Treatments
· 10/12/16 – Tailored-to-Size – Roman Shades, PanelScreens, Top Treatments
· 10/26/16 – Tailored-to-Size – Roller Style, Rollershades

Order deadline for shipment by 12/16/16
· 10/20/16 – Woven-to-Size – Roman Shades, Roller Style, Draperies, PanelScreen, Top Treatments
· 11/10/16 – Tailored-to-Size –  Roman Shades, PanelScreens, Top Treatments
· 11/23/16 – Tailored-to-Size – Roller Style, Rollershades

Please note the following:
· Woven-to-Size shades over 119” - Customer Provided Motor and Special Order Motors may extend lead time up to 2 weeks
· Selected Tailored-to-Size weave must be in inventory
· Express shipment fees may apply depending on when you place the order and the shipping address
· Dates are estimated and not guaranteed without a Rush Charge

Thank you for your continued support.


When specifying a refined Tailored-to-Size weave with an edge binding upgrade, we recommend using the soft and pliable Bamboo edge binding rather than using the more rigid Chiffon or Twill edge binding options. This choice will offer a smaller and more relaxed folding stack, making operating the shade easier. Made from the pulp of bamboo grass, the texture of our bamboo edge binding blends perfectly with most weave designs. Available in a variety of colors, 5/8," 1," and 2."


To inform and inspire, we’re excited to announce the release of our 2016 Reference Guide Kit featuring our complete natural product collections. The two-piece kit includes:

PRODUCT PORTFOLIO — a lookbook featuring inspirational photography, weave images and weave detail

SPECIFICATION GUIDE & PRICE LIST — includes color images of each system, specifications, measuring instructions and designer net pricing

View Reference Guide Kit