MONDAY MAY 23, 2022


Masters of Linen Logo

An ancient fabric, linen has long been favored for its many attributes, among them beauty, durability, breathability, and sustainability. One of the highest designations of quality for this material is the Masters of Linen® trademark. It guarantees excellence as well as production entirely in Europe, from field to spinning to finished fabric. The mark also means the linen is sustainably made from European flax fiber with no waste, irrigation, or polluting chemicals.

To gain the coveted designation, a certified artisan must weave the fabric from linen yards that are 100% Masters of Linen-certified, with a final composition of pure linen, majority linen, or linen union (a minimum of 40% linen). All Hartmann&Forbes’ Ertheweave fabrics are 100% linen and carry this prestigious trademark, offered in seamless widths by the yard up to 118" and shades up to 114."

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