We are excited to announce a new Independent Representative in Arizona. Both firms are experienced in the windowcovering and wallcovering industry and are well known for providing outstanding customer service.

Diane Coté will be serving Residential and Contract Interior Designers, Architects, Builders, and Furniture Stores.

Please feel free to contact Diane for an appointment. Or, for any additional information, contact Customer Relations at 503.692.9313 or hfcr@hartmannforbes.com

Thank you for your continued support.




If you are planning to install in time for the holidays, please check order placement dates below. Any orders placed after deadline dates may require pre-approval, and may incur rush charges.

Order deadline for shipment by 11/15/18
· Order by 9/13/18: Woven-to-Size Roman Shades – Roller Style,
  Draperies, PanelScreen, Top Treatments
· Order by 10/25/18: Tailored-to-Size – Roman Shades,
  Draperies, PanelScreen, Top Treatments
· Order by 11/8/18: Tailored-to-Size – Rollershades

Order deadline for shipment by 12/14/18
· Order by 10/12/18: Woven-to-Size – Roman Shades,
  Roller Style, Draperies, PanelScreen, Top Treatments
· Order by 11/23/18: Tailored-to-Size – Roman Shades,
  Draperies, PanelScreen, Top Treatments
· Order by 12/7/18: Tailored-to-Size – Rollershades

Please note the following:
· Woven-to-Size shades over 119" – Customer Provided Motor
  and Special Order Motors may extend lead time up to two weeks
· Large Quantity Orders (over 20 units) may have
  increased lead times
· Selected Tailored-to-Size weaves must be in inventory
· Express shipment fees may apply depending on when you place
  the order and the shipping address
· Dates are estimated and not guaranteed without a rush charge

Thank you for your continued support.




Our newly released Sonesse 30 Wirefree motor is quiet and powerful with a built-in, rechargeable battery. Charged motors run approximately 500 cycles or one year's use. To charge, simply plug the charger into a wall outlet overnight. Each motor includes its own charger. 


*Still available and used for specific applications


Spec Sheet Download

Please contact our Customer Relations department at 888.582.8780 to learn more or request an automated shade quote.




Hartmann&Forbes is now featured on Dering Hall, the most trusted digital publishing content site for the interior design industry. With the industry’s largest collection of natural windowcoverings, handwoven up to 180” wide, and a unique assortment of natural wallcoverings and fabrics, Hartmann&Forbes adds to Dering Hall’s world-class digital content and directories.




We are proud to announce our seventh consecutive year as one of Oregon Business’ 100 Best Green Workplaces, jumping from #64 to #48 on the list.

At Hartmann&Forbes, we are continually seeking ways to minimize our environmental footprint. Our passionate commitment has led to numerous initiatives of composting, recycling, partnering with community organizations such as Cans for Kids, Habitat for Humanity and more. Our progression up the 100 Best Green Workplaces list is a company-wide collaborative effort that is constantly growing.

“From the craftsmanship of our natural products to our efforts in the office space, one of our core fundamentals as a company is sustainability.” says Hartmann&Forbes Founder Michael Jones, “We are honored to move up such a widely recognized list.”

To learn more about our sustainable efforts, visit hartmannforbes.com/sustainability




We are excited to announce Tritex Fabrics LTD as our new representative showroom serving Vancouver, BC. Established in 1978, Tritex Fabrics represents quality and perfection through their product and service.

Tritex Fabrics LTD 106.611 Alexander St Vancouver, BC V6A 1E1 605.255.4242

We greatly value your business and believe this change will help us to better serve you and your design needs. Feel free to contact Customer Relations with any questions at 503.692.9313 or hfcr@hartmannforbcs.com.

Thank you for your continued support.


We have discontinued G09 Wheat from our Performance Fabric Collection. Effective immediately, this weave is no longer available. Please remove and recycle this memo from your designer sample kit and or library. Please consider P63 Birch – 7000 Series or PFBO02 Linen – Blackout Series as alternatives. G03 Snow, G06 Natural, G15 Smoke, and G42 Earth will remain available in the 9000 series.




In this last installment of our blog series, Privacy and Sun Control, we will be featuring how Extra Density Weaving helps maintain the character of a natural woven shade while enhancing privacy.

Our Woven-to-Size methodology is a true made-to-order weaving and crafting process. Because of this, we are able to offer Extra Density Weaving. Extra Density Weaving is the process of two weft fibers woven together, rather than one, providing roughly 200% density. This increases the shade’s durability and opacity.

Extra Density Weaving can also be specified at the top of the shade or as a valance, concealing the operating componentry.

Extra Density Weaving is available in selected weaves from the Woven-to-Size Grassweave collection.

Check weave detail for available weaves at hartmannforbes.com/reference-kit




As a continuation of our blog series on privacy and sun control, we are featuring how to maintain the beauty of a natural roman shade with the flexibility of privacy and light control.

The Dual-Shade system is designed to provide maximum flexibility with a simple and easy-to-specify concept. A custom shade (roman or roller) made from liner or performance fabric is mounted directly behind the natural roman shade on a shared headrail. Liner shades are available in varied densities, from sheer to blackout. This system upholds the qualities of the natural shade, candling light into a room, while offering more flexibility than a lined Roman shade.

To learn more about privacy upgrades, please contact your local Showroom Representative or Hartmann&Forbes directly at 888.582.8770.