Welcoming JAB as our new representative showroom at the D&D Building in New York City. With a display space of roughly 2600 square feet, their stylish NY showroom presents the most exciting trends from the discriminating world of furnishing textiles. We’re excited to be partnering with this leading showroom, whose values and commitment to sustainability aligns so well with ours. 

JAB Anstoetz
979 Third Ave.
D&D Building, Suite 102
New York, NY 10022
JAB Anstoetz New York


Coinciding with the ever-increasing interest in environmental issues is a significant new design trend: biophilia, a Greek term meaning the love of nature. Based on the idea that humans are innately drawn to living things, biophilic design aims to connect our built environment more closely to the natural world. Spaces that feature such elements as plant walls, scenic vistas and natural materials, for instance, have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and enhance health and wellbeing.

With an abiding belief in the restorative effects of organic materials, Hartmann&Forbes embodies many of the concepts in biophilic design. The finest sustainable fibers from the natural world provide the foundation for our brand’s designs, making it easy to bring the outdoors in. We reimagine nature’s raw beauty in exquisite window, wall, and textile collections, transforming a home into a soothing sanctuary.

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Explore Our Bespoke Natural Windowcoverings

Explore Our Bespoke Natural Wallcoverings


If you’re planning to install in time for the holidays, please check order placement dates below. Any orders placed after deadline dates will require pre-approval and may incur rush charges. 

Order deadline for shipment by 11/18/21
· 08/25/21 – Woven-to-Size: Roman Style, Roller Style, Draperies, Panelscreen, Top Treatments
· 10/06/21 – Tailored-to-Size: Roman Style, Panelscreen, Top Treatments
· 11/03/21 – Tailored-to-Size: Roller Style

Order deadline for shipment by 12/16/21
· 09/20/21 – Woven-to-Size: Roman Style, Roller Style, Draperies, Panelscreen, Top Treatments
· 11/01/21 – Tailored-to-Size: Roman Style, Panelscreen, Top Treatments
· 12/01/21 – Tailored-to-Size: Roller Style

Please note the following –
· Customer Provided Motor, and Special Order Motors may extend lead time.
· Large quantity orders (over 20 units) may have increased lead times
· Tailored-to-Size weaves must be in inventory
· Express shipment fees may apply depending on when you place the order, the shipping address, and the need by date
· Dates are estimated and not guaranteed without a Rush Charge
· Shades over 119”W will not be guaranteed for holiday delivery due to COVID-19 shipping restrictions. Please consider ordering multiple shades or multiple shades on one headrail
· Deadlines are dependent on production capacity. Once capacity is filled holiday deadline requests will not be accepted.

Thank you for your continued support.

MONDAY JULY 12, 2021

If you’ve ever run your hands over a natural cork wallcovering, you may have been surprised how soft and suede-like it felt; there’s something textural and tactile about it. The warmth of this natural product lends itself to just about any design style and connects the interior environment to the natural world outside. In addition to the aesthetic beauty of cork, it’s also a sustainable and renewable resource.

Cork is harvested in Portugal from the Cork Oak Tree’s inner layer of bark tissue. Because only the cork is harvested, the tree remains healthy and can actually absorb three times as much CO2 as an unharvested tree. Cork Oaks are unique in that they can regenerate their outer bark, and over the average lifetime of 200 years, the tree can be harvested over 16 times. These evergreen trees grow to heights of 65 feet, increasing the amount of cork harvested with each interval over its lifetime.

Why does cork make such an excellent wallcovering? Cork is a natural sound absorber, reducing the noise within rooms, creating a quieter, cozy environment. It is also a natural insulator, helping to regulate the temperature within a room. Its surface properties are especially suited for people with allergies, in that it is antibacterial, dust-repellent, breathable, and moisture-repellent. It’s also a beautiful natural material, with its own unique variations. No two will be the same.

Hartmann&Forbes has three different specialty wallcovering series made from cork:

Made of hand-stripped cork, the ALPINE series is reminiscent of snow-capped summits, rich pine forests and glacial meadows brings home the seldom-experienced richness of a soft-to-the-touch wilderness. Available in five colorways. 

The CATHEDRAL series resembles the glossy bark of rain-soaked Aspens in the Cathedral region of the Colorado mountains, this innovative design is created with hand-sliced cork skillfully placed on metallic backing paper, then printed with a design inspired by winter woodlands. Available in six colorways. 

The radiant finish of the LAKE SHORE series is reminiscent of skyscrapers rising up from Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago. Hand-peeled cork is backed with metallic paper and hand-blocked with a metallic finish. Available in three colorways.


For over 20 years, we have been continually seeking ways to minimize our impact throughout the harvesting, weaving, and finishing processes, as well as drive change within our industry. It’s our journey to a sustainable way of doing business, which is why we are honored to be recognized as #6 on the list of Oregon Business Magazine’s “100 Best Green Workplaces,” marking our ninth consecutive year and continuing to rise up the ranks from #21 in 2020 and #32 in 2019.

“We believe business can be a powerful platform for change, so we are honored to be recognized as a top company in the state for all of our efforts,” explains Michael Jones, Hartmann&Forbes Founder. “In spite of one of the most unusual years of our lives, we are committed to continuing to build a conscious business to drive improvements within the design industry, offering a more sustainable future for the generations that follow.”

The creation of each Hartmann&Forbes handwoven shade and wallcovering begins by choosing only the finest sustainable fibers, each rapidly renewable and grown in well-managed ecosystems – to create sanctuary through natural design.

Congratulations to all the companies in Oregon who earned this accomplishment.




The Newton™ Smart Shade System is a sophisticated shade control option for upgrading a manual cord-lock or clutch control at an affordable price point.  

Motorize a single shade or a complete room with these internal, electric battery-powered motors. Shades are set into motion with a gentle tug of the tassel or a touch of the remote providing the ultimate in convenience and safety. Ideal for retrofit situations or when power cannot otherwise be provided at the window. 

Special features include:
· Safety by Design – safer for homes with children and pets
· Low Maintenance – rechargeable battery with a USB cable, battery life 500 cycles/approx one year
· Stylish – modern metal pull chain and tassel offered in four colorways
· Preprogrammed – shades are programmed before shipping
· Warranty – H&F 5 year motor warranty

With over 400 weave options, the Newton Smart Shade System is available for Natural Woven Shades, Fabric Shades, and Performance Rollershades in Roman, Roller, or Rollerfold styles.

Automation simplified with our Newton Smart Shade System.




A passion for handweaving, design exploration and a love of nature continues to fuel the evolution and growth of our in-house collections. For Spring/Summer ’21 we’re thrilled to introduce updates to the following collections:

Combinations of unique fibers, and techniques are the focus of these four new, individual, limited-edition designs.


Rich jewel-tones and onyx add to this collection of Woven-to-Size Grassweave Windowcoverings. This versatile weave, now in 25 colorways, provides the design foundation for every space and style.



An exquisite collection of border trims handwoven in a new contemporary design. Available in five colorways coordinated to complement many of our windowcovering collections.


The solution when you need heat and glare reduction, UV filtration, and privacy. The 9000 series, with a modern textured design, is updated in the ever-popular bright white and shades of grey and brown.


Explore our New Arrivals >



The Making of Sustainable Design with Designer J. Randall Powers

Award-winning designer J. Randall Powers is known for his tailored and sophisticated spaces. He brings that aesthetic to his new collection with Hartmann&Forbes. Join us for a conversation with the Elle Décor A-Lister and Hartmann&Forbes Director of Product Development, Rebecca Welch, as they discuss the elevated designs of his sustainable window and wall covering line. Moderated by Sabine Rothman, Creative Consultant and Co-founder of Interiors Academy.




Madeleine jacob group blog

Michael S Smith Collection UpdateIntroducing New Designs for the Michael S. Smith Collection

Recognized as one of the design industry’s most respected talents, Michael S. Smith is celebrated for his effortless blend of European Classicism and American Modernism.  

The Michael S. Smith Collection reflects the designer’s fresh, worldly style, combining historically referenced patterns in a sophisticated color palette with the textural detailing that is Hartmann&Forbes’ signature. These latest introductions are an exciting addition to the collection, including a new Woven-to-Size Grassweave Windowcovering design and our first embroidered Natural Wallcovering. They are a perfect pairing in an organic color scheme of greens and blues.

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JRP-long-cropIntroducing the J. Randall Powers Collection by Hartmann&Forbes

Principal of his eponymous Houston, Texas firm and named one of the top interior designers in the country on Elle Decor’s annual A-List, J. Randall Powers is renowned for his classic yet cosmopolitan style. The J. Randall Powers Collection reveals the artisanal quality of Hartmann&Forbes’ handwoven textiles combined with Powers’ penchant for tailored patterns with a playful twist.

"This collection is about the confidence of a structured pattern, something tailored and refined, but of a scale that is playful and invigorating. Using unexpected and sophisticated colors that highlight the natural beauty of Hartmann&Forbes' handwoven products, this collaboration has resulted in something classic and timeless."
– J. Randall Powers

The J. Randall Powers Collection by Hartmann&Forbes includes four Woven-to-Size Grassweave Windowcovering series and two Natural Wallcovering series in fresh, sophisticated colors.

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