HARTMANN&FORBES Introduces the Lisa Kanning Collection

AUGUST 2022 (TUALATIN, OREGON) – Hartmann&Forbes, maker of sustainable natural window and wall coverings is proud to announce the launch of its first collection with Lisa Kanning, founder and principal designer of New York City based design firm Lisa Kanning Interior Design. Adding to Hartmann&Forbes’ diverse portfolio of designs, Kanning’s collection is inspired by her roots in rural Montana drawing on nature and her surroundings. The collection effortlessly layers varied textures and natural materials creating textural depth to the designs.

“It seemed a natural progression to interpret these forms of nature in my collection for Hartmann&Forbes, allowing for more concise versions of these natural elements,” explains Kanning. “The collection translates these natural shapes and materials into modern forms, utilizing a variety of techniques to elevate them to high design status.”

The collection features three Woven-to-Size Grassweave windowcovering series and four natural wallcovering series.


Fungi – Meticulously hand-placed Mendong flowers distinguish this design. Woven of weighty ramie, individual flowers are inserted into the weft, creating a series of dark slubby streaks that recall the frilly edge of a mushroom cap sprouting from the forest floor.

Cenote – Long, hanging vines suspended over Yucatan sinkholes served as inspiration for this earthy yet elegant series. Refined abaca is woven with gleaming gold, silver, and copper threads, producing textural striations that conjure the rich dimension and natural colors of these underground caves.

Zenith – Slender metallic stripes shimmer against a field of sheer banana fiber in this series. The delicate tone-on-tone design is woven with dimensional traces of copper or silver that gracefully descend the fabric, their vertical trajectory evoking a streaking star in the night sky.


Birch – Inspired by natural birch bark, this series reinterprets its namesake in a richly textural design. The large-scale, dimensional pattern is elaborately stitched with slate or gold threads that play a delicate counterpoint to a rough-hewn cork ground over metallic paper.

Sycamore – Reminiscent of Sycamore tree bark, this series features a captivating camouflage pattern. The mottled motif is rendered in a complex layering of silver-painted paper, laser-cut cork, sisal, and metallic embroidery, the interplay of materials bringing rich depth and organic beauty.

Rocks – Faux suede intricately stitched in complementary colors creates this collection’s trompe l’oeil effect of strewn rocks. Artful tonal shifts produce a play of shadow and angles that lend depth and detail to the pattern, the sheen from the embroidery enhancing its dimensional quality.

Marsh – A desolate field of wizened grass is reimagined as a vibrant landscape in this series. Tonal paper weave is embroidered with dimensional stitches that free and separate the fibers. Its fringed eyelash effect is reminiscent of the graceful movement of grass in a marsh.