FEBRUARY 2022 (TUALATIN, OREGON) - Hartmann&Forbes, maker of sustainable natural window and wall coverings is proud to announce the launch of its first collection with Amy Meier, founder and principal designer of Rancho Santa Fe based Amy Meier Design. Adding to Hartmann&Forbes’ diverse portfolio of designs, her collection deftly fuses inspiration from Japanese design, the Bauhaus School, and traditional Korean cloth.

“This collection, like most of my work (and life), is inspired by seemingly disparate experiences, concepts, and both functional and artistic items.” explains Meier. “As the collection developed, it appeared clear that though these concepts varied greatly in their time and application, they came together to form a diverse, yet congress and cohesive line of window coverings.”

The collection features seven Woven-to-Size Grassweave windowcovering series:

Dapple – True to its namesake, Dapple evokes the dreamy look of sunlight peeking through leaves on a tree. The gauzy ground of handwoven ramie plays host to a freeform grid of ramie slubs. The raised, textural design softly filters the light and lends relaxed refinement to an interior.

Gossamer – Bojagi, a traditional Korean silk patchwork that becomes more beautiful and translucent with age, served as the inspiration for this tonal series. Alternating tight and loose weaves, rendered in ramie and warp threads, produce a beautifully irregular striped pattern, and its natural drape and rich texture highlights Gossamer’s handwoven quality and the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi.

Stitch – Stitch balances the linear architecture of the Bauhaus with the soft, natural appeal of Japanese designs. Multicolored abaca is freely hand-placed through an orderly framework of jacquard-handloomed ramie, creating a compelling play of tension and texture and a subtle sense of movement.

Joinery – Paying homage to Bauhaus textile designer Anni Albers, this weave balances the structure of industry with a natural, organic sensibility. Rectangles and squares jacquard-handloomed of textural ramie and multicolored warp fibers form a complex geometry that conjures images of newsprint on a page.

Fret – Inspired by the lustrous look of natural horsehair, Fret features an earthy, variegated palette of banana fiber handwoven with black warp thread. The understated design, with its refined texture and iridescent beauty, feels both timeless and current.

Stipple – Informed by the crisp geometry of the Bauhaus, while capturing the quiet restraint of Japanese design, Stipple is distinguished by its soothing subtly. Against a ground of refined ramie, a series of small, woven squares produce intriguing nuances in texture and dimension, its neutral palette lending it tonal beauty.

Framework – The large repeating windowpane motif is inspired by the chogak bo or patchwork style of Korean Bojagi. Masterfully jacquard-handloomed of banana fiber, the textural geometry brings dimension and differing opacities to the quiet, monochromatic composition.


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