Hartmann&Forbes, ® award-winning maker of handcrafted, natural windowcoverings, wallcoverings and textiles, is pleased to announce the addition of sixteen new textural designs to its signature Woven-to-Size Grassweave and Papyrusweave® windowcovering collections for Fall 2017.  

Beauty and contrast exist at the surface of the natural world, creating varied textures held in natural harmony. As in nature, texture provides interest, balance and beauty to an interior space. This fall, Hartmann&Forbes presents an intermix of both traditional and new weaving techniques with intricate detailing including delicate braids, inlaid fibers and patterned weaves. Contemporary in color and design, these new texture-rich weaves add elegant layers that captivate and set a mood of restful sanctuary.

Inspired by Southwestern weaving, Mesa’s palm and ramie fibers, in modern earth-tones, mingle with hand-placed water hyacinth strips in a tapestry-like design. Interbraid presents intricately hand-woven ramie braids in pale grey and golden wheat which delicately rise above a finely woven field, creating a gentle horizontal pattern of natural restfulness.

Artisans masterfully guide shuttles wound with handspun ramie, in variegated thicknesses, through a composition of colored threads to achieve Tartan’s haberdashery-inspired pattern. Reminiscent of Japanese screens, Tranquility is an open framework of line and space created using two different colored pulp-weft fibers in combination with stylized warp threading for a refined, modern statement.

“Experimenting with interesting warps and applying natural fibers in new ways allows us to develop more modern textures,” says Hartmann&Forbes’ Director of Product Development, Rebecca Welch. “It’s rewarding to preserve and develop an art-form while offering designers the timeless, natural textiles that bring a sense of balance and harmony to a space.”  

A time-honored method of shade making, Hartmann&Fobes’ Woven-to-Size collections are handwoven on traditional wooden looms to a window’s dimensions, up to 180" wide without seams. No-charge memos are available from local trade showrooms or online at


HARTMANN&FORBES, named one of the 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon for four consecutive years, was established with the goal of delighting interior designers worldwide by handcrafting natural home furnishings of distinction. They do this with innovative designs, uncompromising quality and exceptional delivery and service. 

With designs Inspired by nature’s raw beauty and artisanal workmanship that utilizing traditional handweaving and crafting methods, their award-winning windowcoverings, wallcoverings and textiles are made of unique best-of-class natural fibers that are sustainably cultivated in well-managed ecosystems.

HARTMANN&FORBES’ products are available exclusively to the trade through a network of U.S. and international showrooms. For more information, visit

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