MARCH 2020 (TUALATIN, OR) - HARTMANN&FORBES is proud to announce the launch of its first collection with award-winning designer J. Randall Powers. The new collection reveals the artisanal quality of Hartmann&Forbes’ handwoven textiles combined with Powers’ penchant for tailored patterns with a playful twist.

“I’ve always loved working with structured textiles and furnishings. I’ll always choose a plaid, grid, check or diamond over something with curves,” says Powers. “When approaching the concept of the line with Hartmann, I looked for what I loved and what I saw was missing in my search for the perfect shade design or wallcovering. Something tailored and refined but of a scale that was intimate or playful.”

The result includes handwoven windowcoverings and natural wallcoverings that portray the confidence of structured pattern that is a bit playful and invigorating.


Apsley Check – Clean-lined and classic, Apsley Check is defined by small, even squares that recall the timeless Shepherd’s check. Woven of refined ramie, this weave evokes the textural, lightweight hand of linen and pairs beautifully with the geometric Christopher Check collections.

Christopher Check – A medium check of contrasting colors creates a crisp windowpane pattern. Ramie fibers are framed in bold hues, imparting a graphic punch that enlivens the rigorous geometry. Sophisticated yet friendly, it suits formal and informal spaces alike.

JG Plaid – A fresh take on traditional plaid, this weave is intricately loomed of refined ramie. Strong crisscrossing pencil stripes in an irregular sequence form an intriguing dimensional look. Hand tied knots, a woven edge, and woodland palette of moss and linen play relaxed counterpoint to the structured sensibility.

Baldwin Stripe – An open weave of yarns and dyed ramie form a relaxed rectangular motif. Its intricate warp and weft lending depth and detail to the interior geometry. Artfully accented with bands of color in a subdued palette of mist and cream, the vertical stripes add layers of tonal beauty to the gauzy ground.


Christopher Check – A large check pattern is gravure-printed upon a field of woven sisal, creating a crisp windowpane pattern. Framed in bold hues, it imparts a graphic punch that enlivens the rigorous geometry. 

JG Plaid - Taking notes from the JG Plaid handwoven Grassweave design, the JG Plaid wallcovering is defined by crisscrossing pencil stripes in hues of linen. The natural woven sisal is flooded with a moss green color and the stripes are gravure-printed for an intriguing dimensional look.


HARTMANN&FORBES is the world’s leader in ethically crafted, Handwoven Natural shades. Offered exclusively to Interior Designers worldwide, the company’s sustainable products are distributed through a network of U.S. and international trade showrooms.


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