LUXE Magazine Feature

A modern meets mid-century aesthetic, offering architectural detail with balance and versatility. Featured in LUXE Magazine, Interior Designer Jaclyn Christensen, then of IDF Studios, creates a refreshing design highlighting No.95 Basin – Saru Basin roman shades from the Tailored-to-Size Grassweave Collection.

“Without taking away from the incredible architectural details, I wanted something for the windows that was warm, both in color and texture, while simple enough so that the furnishings can really pop," said Christensen. "Saru Basin is one of my favorite Hartmann&Forbes weaves for its simplicity but also because it’s extremely versatile and will stand the test of time."  

Christensen specified Splitview™ shades allowing privacy in the kitchen, while in the breakfast nook and living room she opted for Traditional Style Shades providing a lived-in luxury appeal. The natural jute fiber of these Saru Basin shades perfectly complements the aesthetic of her design. 

The Tailored-to-Size Collections are beneficial for designers requiring a shorter lead time: 
Tailored-to-Size Grassweave Collection – a timeless textured collection made of legacy natural fibers exuding a relaxed and comfortable charm. 
Tailored-to-Size Collection Papyrusweave – a well-traveled collection of wood-pulp fiber designs, capturing stories and techniques found in global weaving communities.
Size Collection Colourweave – an artfully infused portfolio of weaves made of the inside peel of sustainable bamboo and custom painted to order by local artisans in modern and traditional matchstick patterns.


95 Saru Basin-luxe