JANUARY 2020 (NEW YORK, NY) - HARTMANN&FORBES is proud to announce the launch of its 2020 collection. From handwoven designs influenced by the Scottish tradition of cloth-making to wallcoverings resembling the majestic sandy coastlines in the summertime, the collection is inspired by nature coupled with a nostalgic nod to the past.

“We played with the subdued colors of nature, shades of light and shadow and natural fibers of rich texture that when manipulated by the handloom convey a sense of calm,” says Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Michael Jones. “The intention of this collection was to offer the mystical beauty expressed through nature – to help you create sanctuary spaces through natural design.”

Handwoven and crafted with natural fibers including ramie, water hyacinth, and abaca fibers, the collection offers a variety of versatile designs with simple and understated elegance synonymous with HARTMANN&FORBES.


Studio Concepts – A concept is an abstract notion or general idea. An archetype is an original pattern or first prototype. Studio Concepts is a fusion of these two ideas founded by artistic curiosity and aimed at presenting a grouping of individual limited-edition designs, that over time, may evolve and reside inside a broader collection. Offered in 4 unique designs.

Jazz – Woven-to-Size Grassweave – Inspired by the visual rhythm of classical guitar strings, the Jazz Series imbues the tonal qualities of a bygone era, yet leans toward the future. Offered in 6 colorways.

Wicker – Woven-to-Size Grassweave – The legacy of hand-weaving wicker basketry and furnishings dates back to the ancient Mesopotamians. Inspired by this tradition, the Wicker Series offers a superior balance of woven textures and natural hues. Offered in 3 colorways.

Essence – Woven-to-Size Grassweave – This foundational weave from the Woven-to-Size Grassweave Collection delivers a refined elegance with an uncomplicated narrative. Offered in 20 colorways, including 7 new offerings that perfectly complement Mirage, a new linen fabric.

Aura – Woven-to-Size Grassweave – A complex design with a spirited sensibility, this weave of refined ramie creates a gentle and meditative atmosphere.

Elements – Woven-to-Size Grassweave – Fresh, pure and timeless, this richly refined linen-like textile offers sophisticated beauty in a dramatic darker tone. Offered in 10 colorways including our new black weave.

Awareness – Woven-to-Size Papyrusweave - With a simple and understated elegance, this design connotes a rustic simplicity and stillness. Offered in 7 colorways.


Sahara – Masters of Linen Certifed. Resembling windblown desert sands, this luxury linen exhibits a delicate rippling of soft color favoring the natural beauty of the desert. Offered in 6 colorways.

Mirage – Masters of Linen Certifed. Heat reflecting from the barren desert floor delivers playful light refraction. The organic pattern of the Mirage Series captures this seemingly random effect. Offered in 6 colorways.


Baja – Resembling the majestic sandy coastlines in the summertime, the Baja Series radiates with a warm and inviting pale, sandy-patina, unique to natural fibers such as mother of pearl, raffia, and waterlily. Offered in 3 colorways.


HARTMANN&FORBES products are available exclusively to the trade through a network of U.S. and international showrooms. For more information and additional showroom locations, visit hartmannforbes.com