MARCH 2018 (PORTLAND, OR) – HARTMANN&FORBES, award-winning maker of fine handcrafted windowcoverings, wallcoverings and textiles of sustainable natural materials is pleased to announce its 20th Anniversary New Arrivals including 17 Woven-to-Size designs in 44 colorways.

Hartmann&Forbes began with a passion for designing and weaving unique textiles of sustainable fibers. Through its journey, it has challenged existing standards with its innovative textures and handwoven artistry. The company is expanding the already largest handwoven natural shade collection in the industry, accompanied by a growing selection of natural wallcoverings and fabrics.

“We are proud to launch our largest addition of intricately designed woven-to-size weaves in celebration of our 20 years,” says Michael Jones, founder of Hartmann&Forbes. “We owe our achievements to the rich community of farmers, weavers and designers who have continuously supported our vision. We look forward to many more years of collaboration.”

The new Rhythm series is an artisanal textile inspired by indigenous music tradition and its melodic essence. Handwoven using original foot-treadle looms, this process creates pattern compositions that add a vibe of tribal heritage to an interior space.

Offering subtle variegated stripes in nature’s hues, the Tarbaret series creates a harmonious mix of status and pedigree. The Essence series tells a simple and pure narrative with its sophisticated colorways, providing universal appeal with its refined beauty and lightweight design. These two weaves coordinate well together with a unity of pattern and simplicity.

The Earthen series offers a complex textural identity that is exotic, yet modern. This new design is handwoven with the hearty organic root fiber of vetiver, possessing a warm woodsy scent.

Soliciting an interplay between light and fiber, the new Interlace series possesses an innovative yarn-warp structure with gauze-like ramie fibers that candle incidental light in a graceful dramatic dance.

“In this anniversary collection, we have integrated our vision of innovative design with age-old techniques, combining natural elements with the patterns and colorways of historical cultures. Each weave is a representation of our continuous aim to advance the ordinary,” says Rebecca Welch, director of product development.

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